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Great band, great songs, genial music, fantastic musicians.
I assume it is obvious I am a big fan of theirs.

I was also so lucky as to meet them several times in the flesh and I can assure you, these guys are really nice! Their atitude and social skills increase the “awesome”-factor multi-fold. This is one hell of a band to look up to!

On their homepage you find a small treasure chest of their activities and music (including Hellworms, Saturns Flea Collar, Meow Meow and The Meow Meows, the Freak Accident

(and an “unofficial” fanpage with a lot of nice references)

Tis is what I found on the net :

Unfortunately the amount of online video of these guys is rather limited, but …
they invite you to come in and steal their music (at least some of it) … them commie bastards!


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