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08-08-08 08:08


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fast years

sunset 2
This year-end came rather sudden for me. Most years you feel the winter period, Christmas and New year creeping up to you and slowly manifesting itself in several forms.
This year however all of a sudden temperatures dropped below zero, rather unexpectedly. Next I had a bunch of appointments and when they were over my working year had ended also and the holiday period started.

Maybe it is the coming of age that changes the perception of time, maybe it is the rush of being rather busy, maybe it is the fact that I am myself not really into all this scheduled party and event stuff. The matter of fact is it came swift and surprisingly fast for me.

I am well aware there has happened a lot lately in the wonderful world of the internets both on- and off-line stuff, but I couldn’t get myself round to writing about it. On the other hand I managed to also tear myself away from my computer long enough to finish 3 of the 10 still to read books. That alone gave me a feeling of satisfaction as I am not used to unread books. Now I have about 7 still to go, 4 of which I already started.

While reading last week, I noticed a new thing with my rabbit: he loves it when I sit down in the couch and he can sit next to me, all cuddled up against my leg. Stroking his head or back from time to time or play a bit with his ears, in the mean time reading my book. And he is very persistent about that. Yesterday I sat there again without him next to me and he was extremely poised on getting first in my lap, then carve himself a space to sit.

And now I go back to some reading before I go out for my last round of Christmas shopping.

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