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In 1988 the canadian band Nomeansno released a 12” EP titled “The Day Everything Became Nothing”. The B-side features two songs that run one into another nearly smoothly. “Brother Rat” is a song about brothers going out together ending in one knifing the other. “What Slayde Says” follows along the same line, where Slayde represents the brother all vile an evil as the lucid lyrics very Nomeansno-ishly mention.

I’ll never listen to what Slayde says
Slayde’s always talking, and it’s rarely nice
He’s always whispering his poisonous advice
He is secretive, ruthless and cold
He mentions just enough and leaves the rest untold
He said, “Don’t ever risk an open attack, just smile
Into their faces and then stab them in the back”

This set me off on a writing frenzy, resulting in the following short story.

§ § § § §

The last time he did not really enjoy it, but he did not dare tell him that. After all it was “him” and everyone knew you had to be careful around him. At least if you intended to be able to enjoy anything at all and still have a life to enjoy things in.

It all started that evening when he slammed into a guy while he staggered out of a bar. His first impression was that he ran into a kind of hobo. His second impression was that this then must be an extremely wealthy hobo with his Louis Vuitton suitcase and Bommel shoes. His third impression however instilled a deep fear in him. The eyes bore inside him, into his soul, staring intently not showing any sign of blinking nor averting. There was not even the smallest grain of emotion in these eyes.



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talk of the town^H^H^H^Hworld

Too stupid to explain, just read for yourself

update (29/01/2007) : and even on boingboing!

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christmas song

The Knife has a christmas version of their Reindeer song duly titled ” Christmas Reindeer” which you can download from their site.

or direct link (unzip & mp3)

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