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fIREHOSE - Flyin' The Flannel
From June 1991 until Januari 1995 the people at Lintfabriek ran a bi-monthly zine called “Sampled!” to report their activities, utter creative work and run all kind of interviews with bands who played there.
There was also a list of the 20 most popular records picked from club member submissions called “Pushlist”.

As I have all the issues here at home, I decided to spend a sunday afternoon compiling a complete list of them. So here it is: 299 albums, demo’s, 7″ and 12″ sorted from highest to lowest scoring.


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This evening I went to the (second to) last show ever in Lintfabriek. The place was packed and all of the regular visitors over the years were there.

Off course my stomach and bowels choose that moment to go out on a limp on me so after the second band I really had to head back home. A pitty, but nothing I can change a lot about.
I guess I had my ultimate goodbye a few weeks ago with two of my favourite bands together on stage.

It’s a pitty the club has to go, but then again every legend comes to an end and it may even be better that way. It means the legend is conserved and will only get better by the years, ripening in peoples memory. better than fading away like it was doing a bit the last years. At least they outlasted CBGB’s.

To stimulate the memories : some great photo’s of last years.

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