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Finally home for a longer period. Obviously I hope to cash in on this time but there is so much to do:

  • blog a bit
  • cleaning (a lot of cleaning to do since I skipped this years big spring clean up)
  • reading (still have over 10 books lying around in different phases of being read)
  • visiting (not only the family, which obviously get their round in this period)
  • painting (some apartments part some of which not my own)
  • cooking (like: every day a decent dinner)
  • vet visit for the pet (no comment to spare it’s feelings)
  • a bunch of other stuff that will probably push all other off the schedule as soon as an opportunity pops up. why am I so bad at managing my personal life the same level I do my work?

And in the meantime I hope my stomach survives all the upcoming dinners …


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Big changes in my life:

  • New job
  • New car
  • New laptop
  • New mobile

more follows later, when I have the time …

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cloudy day
Today the day ended with some heavy rain and thunder after a day of pressing heat under a clouded sky. And I like it, the lightning, the thunder, the heavy thudding of the raindrops, I even like to walk around in it as long as it is warm enough and gives a refreshing feeling.

With all the warm weather the last weeks I felt really like going out a lot. I also felt less inclined to write blogposts and scavenge around on the internet for news and read-a-billy. Maybe also after more than a year of blogging the fun goes away?

Furthermore a number of things in my life changed for the better or the worse which makes me reconsider some of my decisions and reshuffles my priorities a bit.

I also noticed I have been neglecting my little brown furred friend a bit so nw I wil stop whining and go pay him some attention.

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Finally relief!!!

This evening an awfully good osteopath managed to free the last of my necks vertebrae that was blocked. In the process of doing so he also included a quick release of some dorsal ones too.

As you may, remember I had some neck trouble. Not that everything is 100% OK now, but this clears the path to speedy recovery. Now some extra normal kine can release the muscle tension and hopefully improve my posture, which in turn should prevent re-ocurrences of this painful event.

Oh, and by the way, my rabbit is quickly regaining his lower chissel that went missing so his knibbling and biting habbits are back to normal.

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This is one of the causes of my current bad state. All these muscles you see there, including the ones not colored, are stiff, sore and hurt like hell.
Furthermore, my spinal discs are in a bad shape. Kine managed to loosen up three of them already, but the upper one refuses to come loose. To make things worse, tying to manipulate that one really hurts and triggers a severe headache – which I am suffering now.

I really hate to see this blog turn into a lifelog as of lately, but these kind of things consume you so much you can hardly think of something else and the entire world seems to revolve around your pain or at least any effort to relieve or avoid it.

To top things off, my rabbit lost one of its lower chisels (tooth) yesterday when we visited the vet. His lower tooth as it was not fitting correctly under the upper one and as a result the lower tooth grew too large. The vet trimmed it to a normal lenth, but when he finished, I notice the awkward angle the remaining part of the tooth was standing and asked if this was normal. Seemed not, he slightly pulled and immediately held my rabbits tooth in his hand. He assured me it would start to grow back soon, but I’m not feeling so comfortable about it. In the meantime I have to feed him all his food chopped up in tiny bits. Poor little boy.

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