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grassroot for sale ?

I couldn’t really resist posting about this one.

I know, it’s all around (boingboing, /. , …) but this is the umphteenth example of the type of stunts they try to pull, all of which invariably backfire on them. (remember their “vista pre-loaded-laptop-for-bloggers project”?)

And yes I shamelessly ripped (actually linked through) /.’s borg image bu again it’s more than suitable.

Nuf said.


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afternoon soundtrack

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When I was first confronted with Refused in 1997 , they were already well known within the emo/hardcore world.
Their 1998 record “The Shape Of Things To Come (a chimerical bombination in 12 bursts)” blew me away.

Althoug not entirely unique in it’s style, Refused managed to get it right and how!
Here you can check yourself what I mean.

It’s energetic, frenetic with a sufficient dose of emotion on the verge of pathos. It swings, it rocks and it rips through your soul.

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