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hüsker dü

While the storm rages and the wind howls outside, I started digging into my record collection to stumble upon one of the pearls of 80’s hardcore : Hüsker Dü.

It was Candy Apple Grey (their 1986 album) that first introduced me to their music with songs like “Don’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely“.

This lead me to their 1987 ” Warehouse: Songs and Stories” with “Could You Be The One?” and 1984 “Zen Arcade“, probably their best album, which kicks off with a blazin’ ” Something I Learned Today“.

Not only did they feature good rocking songs (mainly Bob Mould’s songs) but also heartbreaking emo (courtesy of Grant Hart) like “Never Talking To You Again”.

But their most famous song is probably “Diane” from their 1983 “Metal Circus” EP, with rather sinister lyrics about a murder victim. This songs is probably best known to most of you in the 1995 version by Therapy? on their “Infernal Love” album.


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