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Last night I went to see new zealand finest rock and roll band, The Datsuns.

The opening act was limburg’s finest: Cedric and friends aka El Guapo Stuntteam. What they lost in terms of innocent punkish well-intended-but-badly-executed enthusiasm of their first shows, they gained in terms of quality. They now feature a raunchy guitar sound and a thundering rhythm section which would make Five Horse Johnson jealous. Dueling guitars and a louisiana touch added with the harmonica add more greasiness to it all.

Actually the quality of their performance made me feel ashamed that I did not get their albums earlier so I made up for that immediately (which I can reccommend you all to do).

And then of course the reason for the concert: them Datsuns !

Although I was a bit dissapointed by their last album (Smoke and Mirrors), there was nothing whatsoever in their performance that could make me the least bit dissapointed. Their gig was no shameless plug for their new album (like you see with a lot of artists) nor the contractual 45 minutes of hits.

On the contrary! Unless I missed some, they played all their songs plus a Misfits cover. Near the end of the gig they honoured a fan’s request of a group of fervent Datsuns/Ramones fans to play their cover of “The KKK Took My Baby Away” which got everybody over the top. All those songs that, IMHO, sounded a bit lame on the new Smoke and Mirrors did rock live Datsuns style : tight, greasy and loads of fun.

And here are the obligatory U-tuub videos :

El Guapo Stuntteam :

Battles Across The Stereo Spectrum (Battles Across The Stereo Spectrum) (raunchy video!)

Promo-Video (with Captain Catastrophy’s burning act)

The Datsuns :

System Overload (Smoke and Mirrors)

Stuck Here For Days (Smoke and Mirrors)

Supergyration ()

MF From Hell (The Datsuns) (woehoe @ that videoclip)
In Love (The Datsuns)

Harmonic Generator (The Datsuns)


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