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brudio stussel

Studio Brussel decided to outsource their weekend to a number of personalia. Starting this evening around 7 the fun kicked off with Alex Agnew. One slight mistake however: I saw Alex at the NIN concert in the AB yet he mentions on his talk an upcoming NIN gig in AB. What’s the chance.

Although not all of his playlist gets my undivided support, it’s a welcome change from the standard dribble StuBru has turned into last years.

You can listen online live to Studio Brussel in low, medium and high quality.


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daan live

Yesterday evening I went to see the sold out show of Daan.
Despite my lack of enthousiasm for his newest record ‘The Player’ all of the songs stand live.

As the Roma in itself is already an impressive hall (old cinema grandeur all over the place) with a good sound , this added to the overall atmosphere.

The thumbnail included is from a series of very nice photo’s taken by Anna Vanaerschot on the earlier AB concert of the same tour.

update : dipfico posted 5 clips of the concert on youtube. Although under one minute, they give a good impression.
And for a small quiz : who matches the songs to the clips?

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