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happy boogaloo

Five years ago two guys got the idea to open a bar on a, by then rather deserted and desolate, small square in Antwerp. Now the neighbourhood is sprawling with life, restaurants and bars.

To celebrate the lustrum of Boogaloo a small festival was held and off course we have photo’s gallore.
The entire set can be found here [or in slideshowview].

The Gonks [site] [photo’s]
Backback [site] [photo’s]
Contrabando [site] [photo’s]

(remark : as this collection puts quite a strain on my (free) flickr account I may eventually move them to another photo hosting (or a new flickr account). I that case I will change the links on this page. In the meantime: enjoy!)

update : I’ve upgraded my flickr account to pro so all limits are off. This offers also better options to group and sort photo’s so now I created a set especially for the Boogaloo lustrum !

update 2 : the Boogaloo guys have also a set of pictures.


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