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Good intentions for a new year. A proven recipe for failure for several reasons. Wintertime just arisen (or this season, already in full flex) is a hard season to change things in your life. For some reasons springtime and autumn seem to be the seasons best fit for changes in your life but definitely not today.

So in the spirit of things, I have the good intention to spend again more time on creating (or at least stylish copying) content in the internets next to pure consumption. Not that i recently didn’t put any content online but nearly all of it was on Facebook. The danger of integrated, walled garden constructs like that is that you get cut off from the rest of the internet.

Although I probably reach a lot less people on this blog that gets awash in the mass of blogs, one more mediocre than mine, others more interesting, it feels more real. The way I perceive it, it takes more effort to post an entry here than on Facebook where most input are merely ad hoc brainfarts. And it’s the effort that gives fulfillment once you finished the job. It gives more of a sense of accomplishment than typing away a twitter-sized +/- 140 characters.

Anyhoo … here is my good intention: at least one blog post a week in 2011.


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with a towel you can't go wrong

A simple Ikea cardboard box, a towel and ready.

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cooking pr0n

I treated myself to a new cooking pot yeterday. I saw this cocotte in a shop for a reasonable price. A nice plus was that it came in a clean black, which is always a tat more stylish than the usual orange colour of these things.

Stew will be coming our way soon …

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sunday cooking – soup

Today we will make soup, mainly leak-soup. Actually, only leak soup.
In goes: chopped onions, chopped carrots, leak, some parsnip instead of potato, seasoning, herbs water and sunday afternoon cooking fun.


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A great loss …

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Wipers - Logo
Driving back yesterday evening after a few days at the seaside my iPod provided me with nearly 2 hours of the Wipers, which turned out to be excellent driving music, creating an eerie driving experience.

There is so much to say about the band but I prefer this time to let the music say it all: Greg Sage and the Wipers …

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SomeEeCards - Easter 3
Happy and stuff and so.

And what’s with all the snow? It should just be raining now.

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