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He’s Like The Wind …

After a lifetime of Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze lost the fight against cancer.


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Seems to be no footage online of this episode. Too bad.

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A new series of “The IT Crowd” has been launched by Channel 4 and the inevitable internets have put them on the tubez. So here we go, hold tight for a ride of laughter:

Season 3 Episode 1 : From Hell :

Part 1

Part 2


Synopsys (shameless rip from the Wikipedia entry):

After Roy goes to Jen’s house to retrieve £5, he sees Jen’s builder who he recognises as a Builder from Hell. This convinces Jen to keep an eye on him, so he doesn’t urinate in her sinks. On his way to work, Moss is harassed by a group of teenagers so he gets lessons on how to stand up to them from Roy. Douglas is oblivious to the fact that he is running the business into the ground by spending the pension fund on gold flakes in the water supply, and erotic art. After rummaging in his desk, he finds a service revolver and a note from his father telling him to shoot himself if he is too overworked. He then proceeds to play with the gun and he then shoots himself in the thigh. He tells Moss to phone the emergency services, who then finds the gun which he uses to scare the teenagers. Jen starts to record the builder and finds him urinating in her bathtub, but she fails to record it and instead is put on live video feed with the Japanese investor.

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Monty Python on Youtube

Tired of the low quality rips of their work on youtube, Monty Python launched their own channel on youtube with the promise to upload high quality versions of their most popular clips.

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This is what the ISPs will face in the near future:
Their precious IPTV model turned upside down!

Now youtube starts to introduce high quality/resolution video, now state television broadcasters use bittorrent to multicast episodes of popular shows (Norway, Canada, …) and some deploy their own player (BBC’s iPlayer), the strain on ISPs raises. Not only is BBC eating their (IPTV-)lunch this way, also it burdens their networks with half a nation watching telly from their PC. And the thing is the IPSs have little leverage to revert to their normal scare tactics.

Case in point: the debacle between Comcast and the Canadian broadcast service. CBS launches a bittorrent version of a popular show, viewers complain because Comcast throttles their bandwith when using peer to peer (like bitttorrent) applications, resulting in degraded viewing experience while their non-Comcats using neighbours enjoy full viewing experience.
Now imagine the outrage would British ISPs trying to throttle or ban all together the iPlayer traffic (which they are technically perfectly capable off). So they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They will have ot endure the bandwith, but don’t expect them to be albe to raise their prices in a market where internet prices still go down albeit slowly.

Let’s see where this goes …

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(via Shellac)

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To celebrate over 4000 spam comments being trapped by Akismet, some more SPAM for you :

Oh, and 149 other Monty Python clips (by the way: excellent choice of the word “compendium”).

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