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Just cause it’s a great band


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Finally home for a longer period. Obviously I hope to cash in on this time but there is so much to do:

  • blog a bit
  • cleaning (a lot of cleaning to do since I skipped this years big spring clean up)
  • reading (still have over 10 books lying around in different phases of being read)
  • visiting (not only the family, which obviously get their round in this period)
  • painting (some apartments part some of which not my own)
  • cooking (like: every day a decent dinner)
  • vet visit for the pet (no comment to spare it’s feelings)
  • a bunch of other stuff that will probably push all other off the schedule as soon as an opportunity pops up. why am I so bad at managing my personal life the same level I do my work?

And in the meantime I hope my stomach survives all the upcoming dinners …

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A great loss …

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Over the last decades some great dance hits were made, some with an eerie quality to them. Some get their freakiness from their sound, others from their videoclip, some from both.

Here are some pearls:

CJ Boland (featuring Jade4U) – Sugar Is Sweeter (1996):

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy (1997)

Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid (1988)

Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds To Comply (1989)

A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd – Total Confusion (1990)

Fad Gadget (featuring Einstürzende Neubauten) – Collapsing New People (1983)

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Yesterday some construction sites in Belgium where open to a public visit. As I once spent a large part of my day there, I decided to visit the site of Bell, the old Alcatel Bell site in the south of Antwerp.

After the company’s relocation to the center of the city behind the central station, the site was handed over to the city of Antwerp which decided to bring it’s entire back-office to one central place.
The triangular building which in the past was filled in the middle with extra buildings, was now emptied again in the middle to allow an underground parking to be built in the middle.

All the floors were stripped (as the building was also riddled with asbestos this was severely needed) and thus in some parts the magnificent steel and brick ceilings are exposed:

The rest of the pictures can be found here.

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ultimate game

ultimate game
Im memoriam of Gary Gygax, of Dungeons & Dragons fame.

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Ria Verhaeghe - Bib
This afternoon I went to the Antwerp Provincial Museum of Photography. The main purpose was to watch the memorial exhibit of Patrick De Spiegelaere. As expected there was a crowd to see the exhibition, but it was worth it.

On the top floor there is a new kind of exhibition around portraits called FACE ON. In co-operation with Getty Images and HP you can add your own shots, locally by printing them out from a memory stick on the local HP printing machines or through a facebook group (which I couldn’t find).

But the most striking was the collection at the floor level guest exhibits: Ria Verhaeghe‘s Provisoria. She collects pictures from magazines, newspapers, internet, … and categorises them in all kind of ways. The categorised pictures then end up in notebooks she wraps in the same newspaper the pictures came out of. Inside she transforms the pictures and frames them in chalk paper.

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