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No, this is not about the requested appeal. This goes way beyond appeal.

It seems the judge, presiding the now already famous trial of four men maintaining The Pirate Bay, may have a certain bias. Being apparently an active member of the Swedish copyright lobby it takes not much effort to find a possible conflict in him presiding a case brought about by members of this same lobby.

By this rather blatant display of mixed and vested interests, it goes to show that, although a judge in a court of law is assumed un-biased, outside of the courtroom there is still a life which may well collide with what occurs in the cocoon of the courtroom.

In se this is not such a special point, were it not for the fact that this now will get exposed on a global scale. This is something that will normally not happen if that same judge, being a member of the golf club, decides in favour of a land claim to enable exending that clubs golf field. If that news reaches national newspapers somewhere in a regional section it may get already more than unusual attention.

If the Pirate Bay verdict however runs into a mistrial due to a conflict of interests, this may catch Sweden with it’s pants down, especially after the recent spat of regulations to discourage filesharing (in any form, even legal).

and here’s the BBC with the story. keeping it below radar will be hard now.


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Lots of w00t!!!

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Alaskan Bridge to nowhere
Six term and lifelong Alaskan senator Ted “The internet is a series of tubes” Stevens finally lost his position as a senator. Despite an earlier seven charge conviction of fraud he maintained his election position and refused to back down. That, along with the fact that even Sarah “Rambo” Palin didn’t support him either seems to have caused his political end.

After a lot of extra manual counts of early votes, Democrat Mark Begich seems to take a lead. Thus the man who brought in the pork for Alaska (think of the bridge to nowhere) will be finally ousted.

For those who can stand two and a half minutes of utter rubbish : The famous “The internet is a series of tubes” interview with Senator Ted.

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Now you can also code in LOLCODE!

With it’s own series of compilers, interpreters and translators, as well as syntax highlightingit’s own syntax.

An example :


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Owww, costly clean up !

Sorry Banksys.

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After his recovery, Joel Johnson is back on Gizmodo and how …

In his first column upon his return Joel denounces all gadgettery, blasts on about the immense foolery to just buy the newest and shiniest of gadgets.

Here’s how he is introduced by his colleague Brian Lam :

Gizmodo editor emeritus Joel Johnson is back, and if you thought he was doling out noogies before, wait til you get a hold of his first column where he scolds you, the Giz writers, the gadget makers, and you, dear readers, for supporting the disgusting cycle of gadget whoring. Just like the obscure route that your marijuana money takes into the Al Qaeda pocketbooks, by reading, writing, and buying shitty gadgets, we’re just as guilty as the people who build them. –BRIAN LAM

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While moving all my previous posts to WP, I noticed this one about Robert Cringley’s 2007 predictions.

He moans about missing out on to much predictions compared to other years (only 9 out of 15). He should have waited just a little bit longer (more specific, until Apple had their announcements done), which would have yielded him an extra point (the iPhone).

He would still not have reached his own 70-75% mark but at least he would have reached 66,66% Try to outdo that!

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