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Ria Verhaeghe - Bib
This afternoon I went to the Antwerp Provincial Museum of Photography. The main purpose was to watch the memorial exhibit of Patrick De Spiegelaere. As expected there was a crowd to see the exhibition, but it was worth it.

On the top floor there is a new kind of exhibition around portraits called FACE ON. In co-operation with Getty Images and HP you can add your own shots, locally by printing them out from a memory stick on the local HP printing machines or through a facebook group (which I couldn’t find).

But the most striking was the collection at the floor level guest exhibits: Ria Verhaeghe‘s Provisoria. She collects pictures from magazines, newspapers, internet, … and categorises them in all kind of ways. The categorised pictures then end up in notebooks she wraps in the same newspaper the pictures came out of. Inside she transforms the pictures and frames them in chalk paper.

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unboxing my glasses 1
In this bag they came, but they’re not Prada.

unboxing my glasses 2
They are Diesel and come in a flashing white box

unboxing my glasses 3
And here they are …

unboxing my glasses 4
For those interested:
Brand = Diesel
Model = DV0065
Color = CML

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just for the picture

Just cause I like the pictures.

Hullo .. is me!


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The Fugazi Photographs of Glen E. Friedman by Glen E. Friedman
A welcome gift I got for my Christmas:

“Keep Your Eyes Open: The Fugazi Photographs of Glen E. Friedman by Glen E. Friedman”

As a long time Fugazi fan and always having admired Glen E. Friedmans photos, I really had to have this one.

For your copy, check out www.fugazibook.com

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
As Michael Franti already sang about with his Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy: your revolution will be televised.

Indeed today when I switched on the news, I got to see the ongoing events in Pakistan. Apparently the president Musharraf suspended (highly contested by the supreme court) the Pakistani constitution and declared a state of emergency.

Off course the return of Benazir Bhutto to Pakistan for the elections a few days ago and her pending return tomorrow, might have to do something with this events. But what most struck me was seeing the army trucks driving around being folowed all over by television cameras and photographers. I mean, really a swarm, just like you would expect paparazzi around celebreties.

And then again, even if it were 5 or 10 trucks driving around with some 50 soldiers in them, you wouldn’t notice. Local television stations are suspended off course, but international newsagents will all air this same images of these trucks driving down some street, each one from a slightly different angle.

On the one hand this provides some sort of international scrutiny on ongoing events. On the other hand it just takes a few carefully staged news “events” to convey a message and stage a revolution or take-over. Just remember the images of the muslim outrage where this one guy keeps popping up in every picture, crying out loud, surrounded by what looks like a mass off people, but actually is no more than 10 or 20.

Similarly protests staged all over the world just require the attention of a television camera, not the big masses of the past.

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sunday zoo visit

This weekend we visited the Planckendael Zoo with my nearly 3 year old nephew.

Off course I couldn’t withstand bringing my camera and shoot some pictures. I admit, most of them are more about getting the (or at least some) animal in the frame.

At least the last day of the summer weather ( or what had to pass off as it) made it an agreeable day.

Decide for yourself.

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