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He’s Like The Wind …

After a lifetime of Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze lost the fight against cancer.


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my preciousssss

Fan art, by fans for fans. Release may3, 2009 on Dailymotion.

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No, this is not about the requested appeal. This goes way beyond appeal.

It seems the judge, presiding the now already famous trial of four men maintaining The Pirate Bay, may have a certain bias. Being apparently an active member of the Swedish copyright lobby it takes not much effort to find a possible conflict in him presiding a case brought about by members of this same lobby.

By this rather blatant display of mixed and vested interests, it goes to show that, although a judge in a court of law is assumed un-biased, outside of the courtroom there is still a life which may well collide with what occurs in the cocoon of the courtroom.

In se this is not such a special point, were it not for the fact that this now will get exposed on a global scale. This is something that will normally not happen if that same judge, being a member of the golf club, decides in favour of a land claim to enable exending that clubs golf field. If that news reaches national newspapers somewhere in a regional section it may get already more than unusual attention.

If the Pirate Bay verdict however runs into a mistrial due to a conflict of interests, this may catch Sweden with it’s pants down, especially after the recent spat of regulations to discourage filesharing (in any form, even legal).

and here’s the BBC with the story. keeping it below radar will be hard now.

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Monty Python on Youtube

Tired of the low quality rips of their work on youtube, Monty Python launched their own channel on youtube with the promise to upload high quality versions of their most popular clips.

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This is what the ISPs will face in the near future:
Their precious IPTV model turned upside down!

Now youtube starts to introduce high quality/resolution video, now state television broadcasters use bittorrent to multicast episodes of popular shows (Norway, Canada, …) and some deploy their own player (BBC’s iPlayer), the strain on ISPs raises. Not only is BBC eating their (IPTV-)lunch this way, also it burdens their networks with half a nation watching telly from their PC. And the thing is the IPSs have little leverage to revert to their normal scare tactics.

Case in point: the debacle between Comcast and the Canadian broadcast service. CBS launches a bittorrent version of a popular show, viewers complain because Comcast throttles their bandwith when using peer to peer (like bitttorrent) applications, resulting in degraded viewing experience while their non-Comcats using neighbours enjoy full viewing experience.
Now imagine the outrage would British ISPs trying to throttle or ban all together the iPlayer traffic (which they are technically perfectly capable off). So they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They will have ot endure the bandwith, but don’t expect them to be albe to raise their prices in a market where internet prices still go down albeit slowly.

Let’s see where this goes …

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The Pirate bay
Following the leaking of 700mb of internal mails of the Media Defender company, the people at the Pirate Bay started to sift through them. They found out that MD was actively sabotaging their trackers and filed complaint with the Swedish police against pretty much every music label registered in Sweden.
Here is what they have to say on their blog :

Thanks to the email-leakage from MediaDefender-Defenders we now have proof of the things we’ve been suspecting for a long time; the big record and movie labels are paying professional hackers, saboteurs and ddosers to destroy our trackers.

While browsing through the email we identified the companies that are also active in Sweden and we have tonight reported these incidents to the police. The charges are infrastructural sabotage, denial of service attacks, hacking and spamming, all of these on a commercial level.

The companies that are being reported are the following:

* Twentieth Century Fox, Sweden AB
* Emi Music Sweden AB
* Universal Music Group Sweden AB
* Universal Pictures Nordic AB
* Paramount Home Entertainment (Sweden) AB
* Atari Nordic AB
* Activision Nordic Filial Till Activision (Uk) Ltd
* Ubisoft Sweden AB
* Sony Bmg Music Entertainment (Sweden) AB
* Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Nordic AB

Stay tuned for updates.

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sci-fi ?

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The Belgian judiciary system is bent on dragging The Church of Scientology in court. After serious investigations the complaints are: extortion, unlawful medical practices, abuse of thrust, breach of privacy and a series of other notions. Not only the Belgian chapter is under investigation, also the Brussels based European headquarter is under fire of the investigation.

Although officially recognised as a religion in the USA, in Europe the group is marked as a sect by some governments and under scrutiny for its practices.

(source De Tijd)

Update : they are not officially recognised as a religion in the USA. They just managed to avoid paying taxes by swamping the IRS with various lawsuits after the tax department tried to levy taxes on them on the account of the CoS being a profit making business.

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