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Finally home for a longer period. Obviously I hope to cash in on this time but there is so much to do:

  • blog a bit
  • cleaning (a lot of cleaning to do since I skipped this years big spring clean up)
  • reading (still have over 10 books lying around in different phases of being read)
  • visiting (not only the family, which obviously get their round in this period)
  • painting (some apartments part some of which not my own)
  • cooking (like: every day a decent dinner)
  • vet visit for the pet (no comment to spare it’s feelings)
  • a bunch of other stuff that will probably push all other off the schedule as soon as an opportunity pops up. why am I so bad at managing my personal life the same level I do my work?

And in the meantime I hope my stomach survives all the upcoming dinners …


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In the wake of all internet succes some artist recently got, there is now a platform for all musicians to unite and break the stalemate current semi-criminal-but-governement-supported organisations like SABAM hold on copyright, rights collection and distribution.

The campaign is supported by a youtube video featuring Mr. Tim Van Hamel.

(Via Clo)

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On googleblogoscoped today:
a perfect explanation of why the good interfaces rarely make it and about the design by commitee that ruins it all.

Read on!

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Classic Monopolygame
Yesterday judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly extended with two more years to oversight of Microsoft due to its non-compliance to the 2002 settlement on anti-trust charges.

While the filing states originally asked for oversight untill 2012, the judge leaves open the option to extend it beyond 2009.

(via The Register)

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It becomes more and more clear for anybody with the slightest bit of common sense. The terrorist have won.

I do not mean Al Qaeda and the likes. Yes, they have a high succes rate. OK, let’s take this one step at the time:

1. Al Qaeda does not exist, that is, more accurately, “it did not exist”. There never was an Al Qaeda. It’s existence was a figment of imagination of the American “intelligence” (and I use this word lightly) organisations. The point is, they did not have a clue at all about the Middle East political, social and, least of all, underground landscape. So when suddenly these “evil-do-ers” had to be identified they referred to an old collaboration network they new about. As it is always the case when you don’t know something you try to link it to a known subject.

2. However, once this organisation had a name it also gained a public identity. Sometimes wildly inaccurately applied to whomever lived in the same region, wore the same clothes or whatever. But an identity it was. Not only that but news, governments and public began to refer to like minded organisations as belonging to this same identity. As a result the activists who noticed their organisatin was now semi-officially part of Al-Quada started to use this as a form of leverage.

3. Next thing you know there is a Moroccon Al-Quada, an Egyptian Al-Quada, an Indonesian Al-Quada. All coming from different backgrounds and in reality very likely not linked at all but in name. They use the leverage of the terror the idea of an Al-Quada holds to highlight their own actions.

4. AND THEY HAVE SUCCESS !!! Yes, even if the do not manage to blow up anything at all! They just need to send out a message that xyz Al-Quada is going to “eradicate all infidels from the face of the earth” and suddenly everybody goes into a frenzy. Terror alert levels rise, armed guards all over the place, people being detained for no reason other than a wrong color, name or friend.

5. And it is not only in one country! It’s all over the world. Leaders must be drooling over the unimpeded breaches of privacy and civil rights they can pull of all in the name of the war on terror. In Brussels the fireworks for New Year were canceled due to a terror alert. An official interviewed to question why this alert was suddenly put in place and why this cancellation replied: “it is so severe this threat, we even had to cancel the fireworks because of it!”. This is a circular reasoning and the guy got away with it.

6. And of course living in a country where there is a daily threat of bombings, requires you to lock down the country and rob anyone of his civil rights. Not! Just look at the way the UK managed in the past the IRA threats and how people reacted and responded to it. The same with Spain and the ETA. Turkey and the PKK. People even never stopped having their holidays there due to terror alerts.

Now imagine yourself for a moment to be a terrorist (whether you really blow up stuff or not, the main goal of a terrorist is to sow terror and fear). You want these evil western world guys to fear and faint. Just issue a message, now even quickly done online, telling you will be using Campbell’s (or other) tomato soup cans filled with Anthrax (not the band) and distribute them in all supermarkets worldwide. Next thing you know there is a worldwide ban on tomato soup. Now who won?

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Since today a lot of Gmail users report that they have color to add to their labels and so do I.

Although not extremely important, it gives more visibility to your mails. All GTD fans can start drooling even more over Gmail as the ultimate GTD tool, even without the BetterGmail scripts of the Lifehackers.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Is this the first step of some sanity coming to the music business? Maybe they finally got the message that the endless stream of litigation is really not helping their cash flow in any way.

Look at what Ars has to say.

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