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Hello leaders of scientology, we are anonymous. We hope you are having as much fun with this as we are. As you know, we are still here, and with every passing day your failure to account for the fraud and abuse exposed by our campaign becomes more evident to the media, to our government and to your own followers. Reuters , The BBC ,CNN, The London Times, Fox, The Associated Press, Forbes and a legion of local news agencies have chosen to communicate our message about your organization to their viewer-ship. And now the world is listening to us and watching you. The mechanism behind the phenomenal ease with which we have achieved this is simple. We are speaking the truth.

Your efforts to handle this condition are as predictable as they are expensive for you. This pleases Anonymous and we encourage you to continue waging your informational war against truth at great expense to you and at no cost to us. We approve of these conditions. Because within them defeat is impossible.

Our campaign has been one of constant success, and yours has been one of constant failure. This will continue. Evidence of our victory is everywhere. We are certain that Youtube and google appreciate your handsome patronage now necessary because of the ubiquity of our message. Unfortunately for you the hundreds of thousands of dollars you now spend every month because of Anonymous cannot change your organization’s history of crime and abuse of human rights, nor alter your organizations policy encouraging criminal behavior which are now all available to the public.

Your lawsuits to censor these documents will continue to fail at great cost to you just as your attempts to paint our peaceful demonstrations as terrorist activities have done nothing but foreground your tendency to abuse the judicial system to suppress free speech.

Defections at every level of your organization will continue to increase. By now you have most likely experienced the cognition that every action we take deprives you of at least one of the three following things: capital, clients and credibility. These conditions will continue to exert their pressure upon you and your superiors. The disorder will continue to deepen.

We have changed the rules of the game. Growth of the magnitude required to maintain your organization in its present form is no longer possible for you. Your ability to seduce the public has been destroyed. Your survival has long depended on your capacity to suppress the truth of your abuses, and that ability is now gone.

We have removed it.

Leaders of scientology, the data has spoken. We are at Cause. you are at effect.

Expect this to continue, and thank you for playing the game.







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The Fugazi Photographs of Glen E. Friedman by Glen E. Friedman
A welcome gift I got for my Christmas:

“Keep Your Eyes Open: The Fugazi Photographs of Glen E. Friedman by Glen E. Friedman”

As a long time Fugazi fan and always having admired Glen E. Friedmans photos, I really had to have this one.

For your copy, check out www.fugazibook.com

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Great band, great songs, genial music, fantastic musicians.
I assume it is obvious I am a big fan of theirs.

I was also so lucky as to meet them several times in the flesh and I can assure you, these guys are really nice! Their atitude and social skills increase the “awesome”-factor multi-fold. This is one hell of a band to look up to!

On their homepage you find a small treasure chest of their activities and music (including Hellworms, Saturns Flea Collar, Meow Meow and The Meow Meows, the Freak Accident

(and an “unofficial” fanpage with a lot of nice references)

Tis is what I found on the net :

Unfortunately the amount of online video of these guys is rather limited, but …
they invite you to come in and steal their music (at least some of it) … them commie bastards!

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fist of fury

This is way over the top!

(via endgadget)

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Bad brains meet Spock or is it the other way round.

And one extra : Bad Brains – I Against I (Live in NL around ’88)

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In 1995 Ian Svensonius, James Canty (brother of Fugazi’s Brendan Canty) and Steve Gamboa (all three of Nation Of Ulysses fame) joined together with Michelle Mae and formed Make Up.

They defined a new style which held the midst between the old Nation Of Ulysses, James Brown and Prince.
They entrenched it in what they called “Gospel Yeah Yeah” and formed “The Cult of Cold Rice” named after the Cold Rice club where they helped out and DJ-ed.

Unfortunatly the split up in 2000 but luckily there’s still some footage around :

Yeah Yeah !!!

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