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tooth implants

It starts with some anesthetics. A few pricks to the front of your jawbone. Nothing serious. Then a few jabs in the canopy with the same syringe.

While the weapons of choice are being prepared, the upper part of your mouth goes numb as it should be.

Then there is a small incision and the drilling starts. Three times per hole, gradually increasing the size of the drill. Getting to hear you have excellent quality of jawbone gives you high hopes.
When all holes are drilled, the actual implant is inserted and then drilled into its hole. This only goes halfway, the rest of the way it is bolted in by hand with a small ratchet handle. A bit of back and forward movement ensures it going in smooth and up level to the jawbone.

Then each one is closed with a small abutment to seal it off from the festering pool of bacteria your mouth is. The result may look something like this:

implant with loose abutment

As you can see a small space can be noted between the abutment and the implant. Some more wrenching fixes this and the end result looks a bit like this:

implant with tight fitting abutment
In the run up to this all, I got to prepare with some antibiotics in order to prevent inflammatory reactions. Also a painkiller was prescribed, but due to my ulcers in the past, I got stuck with plain paracetamol.

When all things are fine, heading back home is a breeze. It is only when the sedative effects wear off that the pain hits home. every tooth in your mouth hurts like hell when the main dental nerves come back on line. A large quantity of ice, cold food and ice and more ice and paracetamol numbs down the pain to an acceptable level. Now seven hours later I only have a mild bruised feeling and an occasional prick. Let’s hope a good night sleep cures it all until the bill comes …

Anyhoo, the end result should look something like this (with the base, crown and cover in place):

implant finished


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Hugely popular in the Belgian new wave music scene, they moved from the US to follow their success.
No Tears will always remain their real breakthrough song and an anthem for a generation.

Head down and start swaying …

(If you parse this video through here you get the full 20-something minute song out of it)

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“Sir” Terry

Terry Pratchett
Last night Terry Pratchett was knighted in the UK.
More detalis here

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A great loss …

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Over the last decades some great dance hits were made, some with an eerie quality to them. Some get their freakiness from their sound, others from their videoclip, some from both.

Here are some pearls:

CJ Boland (featuring Jade4U) – Sugar Is Sweeter (1996):

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy (1997)

Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid (1988)

Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds To Comply (1989)

A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd – Total Confusion (1990)

Fad Gadget (featuring Einstürzende Neubauten) – Collapsing New People (1983)

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GOD Logo
About a year ago I wrote about the Australian band GOD.
They are famous in some way for their song “My Pal”, which over the years remained one of the best songs ever to me, and apparently to a lot of other people.

Now schmerse posted a comment asking me for the lyrics to the song.

So my first reflex was to google for it and nope, there aren’t any!
Then I checked the bands myspace page http://www.myspace.com/godaustralia
They have a link that says lyrics, which leads me to this Monday, July 21, 2008 entry:

LYRICS – Please read this before requesting lyrics

We get requests sometimes for lyrics, usually for My Pal. If anyone wants to know what the lyrics are, here’s what to do….
Post what you *think* the lyrics are as a comment on the main GOD Myspace page. In this way I, and God friends, can derive amusement.
I will then correct your mistakes if necessary.
Under no circumstances will we tell you what the lyrics are without you following this step, OK?

Seems pretty clear to me, they won’t give it out themselves so we will have to give it our best shot.
I tried to pen down what I could make out of it which is:

update: thanks to ian for the corrections. I included them below.

update2: after a few re-listening sessions I come to think of this as the lyrics:

give me a [can’t understand it, sounds like “pal in hell”] To be a party-head you’ve been a pal in hell,
is something I could never do
I don’t like no one
but the same except for [or “from”] you

you’re my only friend
you don’t even like me

you’re my only friend
you don’t even like me

come over to my house
I’ve got a thing [or “friend”] plan for you
you’re not gonna come
but I want you to

you’re my only friend
you don’t even like me

you’re my only friend
you don’t even like me

Why, give it a shot yourself and correct my mistakes, with me not being a native English speaker, in the comments below. There is a good version of the song performed live on youtube.

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Big changes in my life:

  • New job
  • New car
  • New laptop
  • New mobile

more follows later, when I have the time …

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