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Yesterday some construction sites in Belgium where open to a public visit. As I once spent a large part of my day there, I decided to visit the site of Bell, the old Alcatel Bell site in the south of Antwerp.

After the company’s relocation to the center of the city behind the central station, the site was handed over to the city of Antwerp which decided to bring it’s entire back-office to one central place.
The triangular building which in the past was filled in the middle with extra buildings, was now emptied again in the middle to allow an underground parking to be built in the middle.

All the floors were stripped (as the building was also riddled with asbestos this was severely needed) and thus in some parts the magnificent steel and brick ceilings are exposed:

The rest of the pictures can be found here.


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Faith No More - The Real Thing
In the days of yore there was a band called Faith No More. After a series of leadsingers including Courtney Love and two albums, on board came the magnificent Mike Patton.
And this is what they crafted:

Other songs worth mentioning:

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This evening I went to the (second to) last show ever in Lintfabriek. The place was packed and all of the regular visitors over the years were there.

Off course my stomach and bowels choose that moment to go out on a limp on me so after the second band I really had to head back home. A pitty, but nothing I can change a lot about.
I guess I had my ultimate goodbye a few weeks ago with two of my favourite bands together on stage.

It’s a pitty the club has to go, but then again every legend comes to an end and it may even be better that way. It means the legend is conserved and will only get better by the years, ripening in peoples memory. better than fading away like it was doing a bit the last years. At least they outlasted CBGB’s.

To stimulate the memories : some great photo’s of last years.

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owwww, want one

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This is too cute for a monday.
Freshly discovered in the Gobi desert.

(click pic for link)

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small break

Some medical issues keep me from posting and honestly do not encourage me to post at this moment.

We’ll be back after the break …

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is it?

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As you may have noticed by the absence of posts the last days, I’m quite not so productive. But then again I’m going through a strange period.

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In 1995 Ian Svensonius, James Canty (brother of Fugazi’s Brendan Canty) and Steve Gamboa (all three of Nation Of Ulysses fame) joined together with Michelle Mae and formed Make Up.

They defined a new style which held the midst between the old Nation Of Ulysses, James Brown and Prince.
They entrenched it in what they called “Gospel Yeah Yeah” and formed “The Cult of Cold Rice” named after the Cold Rice club where they helped out and DJ-ed.

Unfortunatly the split up in 2000 but luckily there’s still some footage around :

Yeah Yeah !!!

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