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Good intentions for a new year. A proven recipe for failure for several reasons. Wintertime just arisen (or this season, already in full flex) is a hard season to change things in your life. For some reasons springtime and autumn seem to be the seasons best fit for changes in your life but definitely not today.

So in the spirit of things, I have the good intention to spend again more time on creating (or at least stylish copying) content in the internets next to pure consumption. Not that i recently didn’t put any content online but nearly all of it was on Facebook. The danger of integrated, walled garden constructs like that is that you get cut off from the rest of the internet.

Although I probably reach a lot less people on this blog that gets awash in the mass of blogs, one more mediocre than mine, others more interesting, it feels more real. The way I perceive it, it takes more effort to post an entry here than on Facebook where most input are merely ad hoc brainfarts. And it’s the effort that gives fulfillment once you finished the job. It gives more of a sense of accomplishment than typing away a twitter-sized +/- 140 characters.

Anyhoo … here is my good intention: at least one blog post a week in 2011.


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tooth implants

It starts with some anesthetics. A few pricks to the front of your jawbone. Nothing serious. Then a few jabs in the canopy with the same syringe.

While the weapons of choice are being prepared, the upper part of your mouth goes numb as it should be.

Then there is a small incision and the drilling starts. Three times per hole, gradually increasing the size of the drill. Getting to hear you have excellent quality of jawbone gives you high hopes.
When all holes are drilled, the actual implant is inserted and then drilled into its hole. This only goes halfway, the rest of the way it is bolted in by hand with a small ratchet handle. A bit of back and forward movement ensures it going in smooth and up level to the jawbone.

Then each one is closed with a small abutment to seal it off from the festering pool of bacteria your mouth is. The result may look something like this:

implant with loose abutment

As you can see a small space can be noted between the abutment and the implant. Some more wrenching fixes this and the end result looks a bit like this:

implant with tight fitting abutment
In the run up to this all, I got to prepare with some antibiotics in order to prevent inflammatory reactions. Also a painkiller was prescribed, but due to my ulcers in the past, I got stuck with plain paracetamol.

When all things are fine, heading back home is a breeze. It is only when the sedative effects wear off that the pain hits home. every tooth in your mouth hurts like hell when the main dental nerves come back on line. A large quantity of ice, cold food and ice and more ice and paracetamol numbs down the pain to an acceptable level. Now seven hours later I only have a mild bruised feeling and an occasional prick. Let’s hope a good night sleep cures it all until the bill comes …

Anyhoo, the end result should look something like this (with the base, crown and cover in place):

implant finished

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“Sir” Terry

Terry Pratchett
Last night Terry Pratchett was knighted in the UK.
More detalis here

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cooking pr0n

I treated myself to a new cooking pot yeterday. I saw this cocotte in a shop for a reasonable price. A nice plus was that it came in a clean black, which is always a tat more stylish than the usual orange colour of these things.

Stew will be coming our way soon …

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Finally home for a longer period. Obviously I hope to cash in on this time but there is so much to do:

  • blog a bit
  • cleaning (a lot of cleaning to do since I skipped this years big spring clean up)
  • reading (still have over 10 books lying around in different phases of being read)
  • visiting (not only the family, which obviously get their round in this period)
  • painting (some apartments part some of which not my own)
  • cooking (like: every day a decent dinner)
  • vet visit for the pet (no comment to spare it’s feelings)
  • a bunch of other stuff that will probably push all other off the schedule as soon as an opportunity pops up. why am I so bad at managing my personal life the same level I do my work?

And in the meantime I hope my stomach survives all the upcoming dinners …

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working out

It started out like this:
living room before

and then the first cracks in the plaster appeared:
first cracks in the plaster

soon it looked like this:

and then the ceiling turned out to contain also some cracks:
cracks in the ceiling plaster

Some rewiring of the electrics:
another electric box

some more rewiring needed:
construction - kitchen electricity

and this was the magic box …
magic box

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teh googel
Chrome is the best browser out there.

Yes, I do seriously mean it! No, it’s technically not the best, nor in form and looks, nor in functionality.

After test driving it I can call a list of great stuff:

  • blazing fast, especially in javascript rich pages [and spawns processes like there is no tomorrow]
  • it feels lightweight [on a core duo with 2gig of RAM, have no slower machine to test it on]
  • runs without much hastle being a one day old (ok, now 3day old) beta [I know, they took Webkit, and even an old version with the flood bug in it and added V8 and some Mozilla/Firefox code]
  • awesome Omnibar [yup I know, code comes straight from Firefox’s Awesomebar]
  • new tab pages rocks [unless you just like to visit a number of pr0n pages a lot and forgot to use the “incognito” setting]
  • incognito setting [aka pr0n mode, same as IE8 just boasted about – even the gossip newspapers mentioned new IE8 would come with “pr0n-button”]
  • finally the tabs behave like tabs should behave [but then that is my personal opinion, others may like their tabs different]

There is also a list ranging from “no, not good” up to “Oww crap!” bad things:

  • java still dead, even after installing new 6.10 beta that is supposed to support Webkit [probably my mistake for downloading the wrong nightly build or so, but what the heck, also on the flip side: better no java applets, they always seemed equally bad to my system performance and security as ActiveX]
  • no themes, no plugins, NO-ADBLOCK [will probably come soon, but then there’s the question if this will not put a big burden on performance, a clean Firefox install also is rather clean and fast]
  • some pages will not render correctly in it [probably a web page issue but then same page in Safari seems to work fine]
  • not for OSX/Linux [will also come soon, but hey, what’s the issue? Styling? Don’t tell me the version for win is so nice with it’s Teletubby themed blue bar Windows XP look. with so many *nix affeccionados drooling over the opportunity to port it to their platform we should have seen functioning builds from day 2 onwards]
  • privacy!!! [ok, they changed the ToS/license already and you can turn off the use of Omnibar, but still, for a company under such scrutiny over privacy lately they could have done a better job]
  • yet another browser [on the other hand, in between IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Shiira, Camino, Konqueror, … one more should go quite unnoticed]
  • security holes from the past [on the other hand it is a beta thing based on an old Webkit version, probably the next release will contain the update]

But that’s all irrelevant compared to this:

this one is not released by the usual suspects!

Yes you read this well. Apple unveiling Safari for Windows caused quite a ripple in the IT world. It would take over any browsers share, either to the benefit of dethroning IE as the main browser or to the detriment of smaller browsers who’s market share was about to be eaten by Apple and their fancy shiny webthingy. It would draw the masses towards OSX, show the windows world where to go in terms of look and feel, …

It didn’t. It was simply another, nice to the eye, browser with a rather mediocre performance on Windows compared to the rest of the pack, plus it tried to lure you into installing every other app Apple has for Windows. And although I am a big fan of Apple, their software on Windows has a crappy performance all according to it’s reputation, which is a pitty as it functions very well.

But nobody expected Google to come with a browser. So now every one is on the tips of their toes, waiting full of tension what the impact will be. And you can already see it and measure it. Every other newspaper in Europe and the US mentioned it and I guess in the rest of the world also (but I am pretty bad at reading Hindi or Chinese). Also television news and radio newscasts mentioned this news. Some even followed up on the flooding security issue. The current market share according to some sites reaches over 1%, that means that in one or two days, more than 10 million people used this browser.

And all that was reached by leaking a comic book! Ok, they followed up at launch with a webcast and a statement on their site, but in terms of promo and PR effort that is zero.

With a big impact on everyone else:

Google reshaped the landscape with their browser. Not due to it’s technical superiority, nor through it’s looks, but just due to the fact that it was Google who released it. It sent a clear message to all those out there that “the Google” is not happy with the current state of affairs and if no-one else is going to improve it, they take out the whip and start themselves. A consequence is that there is impact for all players now:

  • other browser builders like Firefox and Opera: everyone is now looking their way to improve on whatever one perceives as the better part of Chrome vs that browser. In effect, even if technically no wonder child, Chrome upped the ante for any other browser in the market
  • OS makers like Microsoft and Apple: we are fed up waiting for you to come to us so now we come to you. This could be interpreted as a thread, but also as a friendly poke in the side.
  • all website builders: having your site run in sandboxed separate process that can be monitored with the browsers built in process manager really puts pressure on them to build lean sites. Now it is no longer the perception that your browser is slow, but more that your site is slow
  • the users: Firefox is for geeks and nerds, Apply is for gay designers so up till now IE was the only other valid option for Joe Sixpack. But now there is also “the Google” that also makes “an internets”. I guess that if Google would have named their browser simply ” internet” or “the internet” it would be a matter of days after their real, non-beta, release before every second Windows desktop would feature an icon called “the internet” which for the user would be simply “teh Internets”

Time for some change …

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