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This didn’t come really as a surprise to me.
Some time back, paleontologist Gregory Paul collected data on religion and safety trying to correlate between the faithfulness/religion of people and locations and the fact that they are safer parts in society to live in (PDF-alert). To his surprise it turned out quite the opposite way: anywhere the levels of religion were higher, the more violence and unsafety existed.

Whether religion is the cause or the consequence of violence (i.e. people turning to religion when confronted with violence) is irrelevant. As it is clear that religion does not stop violence. It is more like a kid hiding under his blanket to keep the big scary world outside, with which it of course does not go away. The conclusion of this is that people who do believe/are religious lack the correct mechanisms to deal with or prevent crime and violence in their part of society. A sad conclusion but it does not surprise me as I consider religion to be somewhat of a handicap for human intellect. Furthermore it is an irrational method to provide guidance for ones life or to cover for what life throws at you. In stead of looking the truth in the eyes and try to deal with it, one seeks a fairytale explanation (*) for what happens in life and their own completely insane behaviour.

Oh, and the day religious people stop imposing their stupid beliefs on society around them, I will stop tearing it down.

(*) try telling a religious person his religion is as real as Snowewhite or the Boogeyman or Gnomes and you are told there is a difference between fairytales and religion. I beg you to find me one apart from the fact that up till now, little people have murdered and committed weird acts in Cinderalla’s sake.


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I can haz themez?

Gmail Themes
As of now gmail offers themes.
Go to your settings, choose the themes tab and enjoy.

PS: w00t!!! inbox empty!

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Alaskan Bridge to nowhere
Six term and lifelong Alaskan senator Ted “The internet is a series of tubes” Stevens finally lost his position as a senator. Despite an earlier seven charge conviction of fraud he maintained his election position and refused to back down. That, along with the fact that even Sarah “Rambo” Palin didn’t support him either seems to have caused his political end.

After a lot of extra manual counts of early votes, Democrat Mark Begich seems to take a lead. Thus the man who brought in the pork for Alaska (think of the bridge to nowhere) will be finally ousted.

For those who can stand two and a half minutes of utter rubbish : The famous “The internet is a series of tubes” interview with Senator Ted.

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Monty Python on Youtube

Tired of the low quality rips of their work on youtube, Monty Python launched their own channel on youtube with the promise to upload high quality versions of their most popular clips.

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Sunday …

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