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About a year ago I wrote about the Australian band GOD.
They are famous in some way for their song “My Pal”, which over the years remained one of the best songs ever to me, and apparently to a lot of other people.

Now schmerse posted a comment asking me for the lyrics to the song.

So my first reflex was to google for it and nope, there aren’t any!
Then I checked the bands myspace page http://www.myspace.com/godaustralia
They have a link that says lyrics, which leads me to this Monday, July 21, 2008 entry:

LYRICS – Please read this before requesting lyrics

We get requests sometimes for lyrics, usually for My Pal. If anyone wants to know what the lyrics are, here’s what to do….
Post what you *think* the lyrics are as a comment on the main GOD Myspace page. In this way I, and God friends, can derive amusement.
I will then correct your mistakes if necessary.
Under no circumstances will we tell you what the lyrics are without you following this step, OK?

Seems pretty clear to me, they won’t give it out themselves so we will have to give it our best shot.
I tried to pen down what I could make out of it which is:

update: thanks to ian for the corrections. I included them below.

update2: after a few re-listening sessions I come to think of this as the lyrics:

give me a [can’t understand it, sounds like “pal in hell”] To be a party-head you’ve been a pal in hell,
is something I could never do
I don’t like no one
but the same except for [or “from”] you

you’re my only friend
you don’t even like me

you’re my only friend
you don’t even like me

come over to my house
I’ve got a thing [or “friend”] plan for you
you’re not gonna come
but I want you to

you’re my only friend
you don’t even like me

you’re my only friend
you don’t even like me

Why, give it a shot yourself and correct my mistakes, with me not being a native English speaker, in the comments below. There is a good version of the song performed live on youtube.


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Once there was a band called “Masters Of Reality“.

and they rocked :

Masters Of Reality – Blue Garden (Live)

Master Of Reality – John Brown

Masters Of Reality – Domino

and a not so bad cover of “She’s got me”

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Big changes in my life:

  • New job
  • New car
  • New laptop
  • New mobile

more follows later, when I have the time …

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