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in a fit of tongue in the cheek mixed with cross-covering , the Violent Femmes launched a cover version of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”.

Following Gnarls Barkley’s wildly popular cover of the Violent Femmes’ “Gone Daddy, Gone” this shows great bands play great songs, whether they are coves or originals.

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Fieldguide to Firefox 3
Now we have Firefox 3, there is an urgent need for a fieldguide.

And whoops … there it is

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foo-fu goes firefox 3
In support of the attempt to get a download record, I downloaded the newest version of Firefox after a few hours waiting to reach the servers.
I wonder what the impact of Mozilla’s downtime will be on the record attempt.

Right now I am one of the 17000+ downloads in Belgium alone and the counter is on 1,7 million, just a few hours after kick off.

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cloudy day
Today the day ended with some heavy rain and thunder after a day of pressing heat under a clouded sky. And I like it, the lightning, the thunder, the heavy thudding of the raindrops, I even like to walk around in it as long as it is warm enough and gives a refreshing feeling.

With all the warm weather the last weeks I felt really like going out a lot. I also felt less inclined to write blogposts and scavenge around on the internet for news and read-a-billy. Maybe also after more than a year of blogging the fun goes away?

Furthermore a number of things in my life changed for the better or the worse which makes me reconsider some of my decisions and reshuffles my priorities a bit.

I also noticed I have been neglecting my little brown furred friend a bit so nw I wil stop whining and go pay him some attention.

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