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Wipers - Logo
Driving back yesterday evening after a few days at the seaside my iPod provided me with nearly 2 hours of the Wipers, which turned out to be excellent driving music, creating an eerie driving experience.

There is so much to say about the band but I prefer this time to let the music say it all: Greg Sage and the Wipers …

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SomeEeCards - Easter 3
Happy and stuff and so.

And what’s with all the snow? It should just be raining now.

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Faith No More - The Real Thing
In the days of yore there was a band called Faith No More. After a series of leadsingers including Courtney Love and two albums, on board came the magnificent Mike Patton.
And this is what they crafted:

Other songs worth mentioning:

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In the wake of all internet succes some artist recently got, there is now a platform for all musicians to unite and break the stalemate current semi-criminal-but-governement-supported organisations like SABAM hold on copyright, rights collection and distribution.

The campaign is supported by a youtube video featuring Mr. Tim Van Hamel.

(Via Clo)

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