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unboxing my glasses 1
In this bag they came, but they’re not Prada.

unboxing my glasses 2
They are Diesel and come in a flashing white box

unboxing my glasses 3
And here they are …

unboxing my glasses 4
For those interested:
Brand = Diesel
Model = DV0065
Color = CML


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broken glass everywhere

broken glasses
A bit too sweaty and sudden movements in a crowded environment resulted in broken glasses. The upside: I ordered myself new ones. Could do with them after seven years.

PS: the picture is as blurred as my vision without glasses, well actually, it’s words without glasses than this.

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Meta Meme Is Your New Bicycle
Now also in meta-meme mode:

foo-fu is your new bicycle.

Spawned from the original.

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links for 2008-02-21

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links for 2008-02-20

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links for 2008-02-19

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Worlds Largest Record collection for sale
Now for sale on Ebay : probably the largest and most complete collection of music.

3 million records and 300,000 CDs containing more than 6 million song titles

and also

The new owner of this magnificent collection will also acquire (1) the rights to Spin-Clean, the owner’s patented vinyl record cleaning system, considered the best on the market by audiophiles the world over, (2) the rights to Discmist CD cleaner, (3) CD Saver 2-part archival CD storage sleeves, (4)Yellow Jacket 45 RPM acid-free archival storage sleeves, (5) ownership of the owner’s six publishing companies and eight independent record labels, and (7) more than $100,000 worth of antique recording and listening devices and other music memorabilia currently on loan to a museum.

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