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Always creeping up in the most ridicule of circumstances: denouncing the evolution theory.

As I could just witness on national television news, some people denounce he evolution theory. That in itself is nothing special. The reason why is all the more: belief.

Whether it is the incapacity to grasp the idea itself or whether it is religion sitting in between common sense and yourself, it always comes down to belief and that is where it all goes wrong.

See, science is not about belief, it is about knowing, assuming and theories. You start out knowing nothing. Then you think, reason, calculate, measure and whatever means you have to collect information. Then through a process of peer analysis all this info is sifted, theories are built, updated, ammended and broken down.

The result of all this is a form of explanation of how things could be. So nothing is absolute here! All is a theorie. Science is not about belief, in science you do not believe there to be some answer, you assume, you know.
And there is the big point: knowledge is subject to change.

Just have a look at the “laws” of gravity and how they changed from Newtons apple incident through Einsteins concept of warped space time to modern day particle accellerators. And to make it even more fun: you are free to challenge it at all times! Good science is only valid in the light of the available evidence and your possiblities to make your theories stick.

Back to the subject at hand: denouncing evolution as a theorie. As far as we know up till now, all recent findings only enhance the case of evolution although it changed drastically from Darwins simpler theories. Simply denouncing it because someone wrote in a book that it is not true does not make the theorie any less valid. If you do choose however to believe that book and use that belief as a reason to denounce the theorie, then you mix two worlds: science and belief.

On the one hand I feel the urge to fight people mixing the two tooth and sword, but then I also realise that for most people this comes from the inability to distinguish between belief and science. And looking into the world of science you will also notice that a lot of people there are similarly believing their theories which leads to equally bad practice of mixing belief and science.

(oh and by the way, for those shivering at the idea that we are relatives to monkeys, we share a near equal amount of genes with our porcupine brothers too, pigs that is!)


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Classic Monopolygame
Yesterday judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly extended with two more years to oversight of Microsoft due to its non-compliance to the 2002 settlement on anti-trust charges.

While the filing states originally asked for oversight untill 2012, the judge leaves open the option to extend it beyond 2009.

(via The Register)

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Heavy Thrash - Going Way Out With Heavy Thrash
Last friday I went to Het Depot in Leuven to watch the incredible Jon Spencer with his new band Heavy Thrash (myspace) together with miss and mister Boogaloo.

The support act for the evening were The Sadies (myspace) who also doubled as background band for Heavy Thrash.

First of all, Het Depot is a great room to watch medium sized gigs. Great sounds, good setting, decent prizes!

The big surprise of the evening was however The Sadies. I was really pleasantly surprised by the richness of their sound and the vocal qualities of their lead singer. However, I should have know as they were also picked by Andre Williams to be his supporting band around 2000.

The advantage of having the same band being your background as your opening act is that it took only a little while to get Jon and Matt up and tuned on stage to kick off the next part of what will be probably one of the best concerts of 2008 for me. The sounds was great (not too loud), the band was playing as if they already played together for a long time and Mr. Spencer was his usual charismatic and flamboyant self.

Waaaaay Out !!!

And from the department of free:

Get a free download of “Outside Chance” by Heavy Trash! Head to yeproc.com/stash, create an account, and enter the Stash code WAYOUTEVIDEO to unlock the DRM-free MP3.

You can also hear 4 tracks of their new album over at the Heavy Thrash site.

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