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Is this the first step of some sanity coming to the music business? Maybe they finally got the message that the endless stream of litigation is really not helping their cash flow in any way.

Look at what Ars has to say.

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del.icio.us in wordpress.com

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Finally I got the autoposting from del.icio.us to my WordPress blog activated.

Here’s how I did it (*):

  1. Make yourself a category you want this posts to appear in. Then look up its ID from “Manage” -> “Categories”
  2. Then you need to obtain the ID of your blog. Apart from asking the wordpress.com admins,there seems to be only one other simple method:
    • Go to your blog and create yourself an extra blog
    • Log in to this extra blog and go to “Users” -> “Your profile”, then view the source code of that page.
    • you will find something like this:

      < select name="primary_blog" > < option value='#####' selected > http : / / yourblogname.wordpress.com / < / option > < option value='#####' > http : / / yoursecondblogname.wordpress.com /

    • Your blog number is in the fields “option value” (where I put #####)
  3. Now you have your ID, you go to del.icio.us and log in to your account. You go to “settings” and in the “Blogging” part you find “daily blog posting”
  4. Click the “add new thingy” link and start filling in :
    • job_name is the name for your posting “thingy”, which can be anything
    • out_name is the login name you use for your blog
    • out_pass is the password you use for your blog
    • out_url is the full URL of the XML-RPC interface for your blog, for wordpress this is http://%5Byourblogname%5D.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php
    • out_time is the hour (from 0-23 in GMT) to post your links at every day
    • out_blog_id is your blog ID number. Here pays off all your effort in finding it out as it obviously is NOT 1
    • out_cat_id is optional: here you put the ID number of the category you created (or choose) to post in
  5. Now wait for the miracle to happen. Take into account that most of the jobs run a good 30 minutes after the hour, probably due to scheduling taking place on the WordPress.com servers
  6. Oh yes, you also need to have new del.icio.us entries for the past day, otherwise there is nothing to post off course.

(*) thanks to our friend Google and some investigative characters online

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links for 2007-11-26

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Great band, great songs, genial music, fantastic musicians.
I assume it is obvious I am a big fan of theirs.

I was also so lucky as to meet them several times in the flesh and I can assure you, these guys are really nice! Their atitude and social skills increase the “awesome”-factor multi-fold. This is one hell of a band to look up to!

On their homepage you find a small treasure chest of their activities and music (including Hellworms, Saturns Flea Collar, Meow Meow and The Meow Meows, the Freak Accident

(and an “unofficial” fanpage with a lot of nice references)

Tis is what I found on the net :

Unfortunately the amount of online video of these guys is rather limited, but …
they invite you to come in and steal their music (at least some of it) … them commie bastards!

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