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GOD – My Pal

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In 1987 the Australian band GOD had a hitsingle in their home country with “My Pal”.
This seeped through to our regions and is still one of my all time favourite songs. Here you see them perform it live on Australian TV.

and streaming

Should there be anyone wanting to get rid of their 12″ vinyl version, please feel free to contact me through the comments …


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Yesterday I had the luck to be able to catch 2 great bands in one show in what could be described as Europe’s own CBGB and now has to close due to fire hazard issues.
As a part of their 25th anniversary package, Lintfabriek (where I spent my youth being heavily involved in running the club) staged the end of the combined The Freak Accident(*) (US) + No Means No (CAN) tour.

The shows were both great and especially No Means No got the room on fire. Too bad drummer John suffered some illness so a third appearance was no option (although they played a lengthy set and came back for nearly an entire second set of extra’s).

(*) formed around the legendary Victims Family

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As of today you can also enjoy Boing Boing in online TV format. They promise us small TV chunks every workday. First one can be found here.

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