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Pick a world famous guitar hero or renown guitarband (hard rock and metal are likely victims).

Strip the sound of one of their live performance videos.

Insert homemade soundtrack

Make sure homemade soundtrack sounds … homemade


StSanders Shreds !!!

This will be a hype soon! Believe me.


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From the first song I heard they got me caught. I still remember hearing “52 Girls” for the first time somewhere around 1982.

Actually, nearly every song The B-52’s made up ’till 1989 (Cosmic Thing) was a classic. Some of the songs in Good Stuff also got them some chart hits.

And now time for some music :

From their 1979 first (self-titled) album (a.k.a. “Play Loud“):

From their 1980 second album “Wild Planet“:

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I do sincerely hope this was an accident.

Here’s a whoops with a capital W.

But in an email sent out today, the committee inadvertently sent the email addresses of all the would-be whistleblowers to everyone who had written in to the tipline. The committee email was sent to tipsters who had used the website form, including presumably whistleblowers themselves, and all of the recipients of the email were accidentally included in the “to:” field — instead of concealing those addresses with a so-called blind carbon copy or “bcc:”.

Some of the email addresses appear to be transparently fake, but there’s also, much more troubling, a vice_president@whitehouse.gov carbon copied on the email, which is the public email address for Vice President Dick Cheney.

I know: never attribute to malice what can be attributed to incompetence, but nevertheless. Seen the CC-ed persons reputation and actually that of that entire administration, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out is was done on purpose.

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cleanity ?

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Shamelessly ripped from Wired.com’s Underwire blog:

Reverse Graffity

Draw on public surfaces by removing the sooth and dirt. This guy did it in the San Paolo subway where the walls are covered with the usual subway dirt. The reaction of the government to prevent him doing it over and over: clean the tubes. Yup that’s right. This guy on his own managed to get the officials to consider cleaning up the tubes, and not only the one tunnel he was decorating, but all of them.

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radio birdman

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Yesterday I went to see Radio Birdman in Trix. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. They still rock and know how to hit the sweet spot between enthousiasm and being too eager, which would make you look like an old fart still trying to be cool. (Yes I am referring to you Rudi Protrudi aka Fuzztones)

Rock on

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Finally I have my copy of Terry Pratchett’s “Making Money”.

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In 1991 one Mark Griffin launched an album called ” Welcome To My Dream” which had better be dubbed ” Welcome To My Nightmare”. This he did under the name “MC 900 Ft. Jesus” Although not his first album it was his best. In a paranoid wrenched soundscape he instills an eerie feeling of discomfort.

Enjoy some of his sounds:

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