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blog day

Oh yes .. today is supposed to be blog day or so.


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fist of fury

This is way over the top!

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Since about a few hours Microsoft’s WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) Servers are down. As a result any XP or Vista install that tries to connect to this server doesn’t get a valid response and hence assumes the install is illegal.
Even if you previously did validate as a genuine Windows install, it will now claim your install is illegal or otherwise incorrect and as a result cut several features down to a reduced version of what you bought.

So you see: you never really buy Windows, your install just gets owned (or should that be pnwd) by Microsoft. You only pay for a “right to use”. No big deal you may think, but an issue like this means that in case MS decides to pull the plug on the WGA servers for XP (e.g. to boost Vista sales) your XP install suddenly degrades to the dreaded WindowsMillenium functionality.

(first mentioned on boingboing and on the MS forums)

Update : now also on Digg

Update 2 : and on arstechnica

Update 3 : and we have a solution from the maison des fenêtres themselves.

Update 4 : could this be the reason ? Also, following that guy’s report of what happened. In countries like UK where unauthorized entry in one’s computer is seen as a crime (ref. Computer Crime Act) so does this make MS punishable? I wonder how long it will take for mainstream media to pick up this one (especially this last update).

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need panflute?

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Isn’t that obvious?

(spotted on boingboing and originally from toothpastefordinner)

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is this real ?

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Today I got myself a re-issue of the two first Wipers LP’s (And Alien Boy is an EP that sits in between both albums, but an EP is not an LP. OK ?):

I’m happy as a child over it!

for an audio preview, head over to last.fm where there are plenty of Wipers tracks to pre-listen.

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Alice - front
This was one I could not leave in the store. Had to buy!
“Alice in Pop-up Wonderland” by Jotto Seibold.
An extremely funy and detailed story of Alice in Wonderland in pop-up version with all 3D eyecandy and hidden objects you can dream of.
More sample after the break or directly on flickr.

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New publicity for Sony Bravia in preparation.

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