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posting fever

spring is summer

We are currently experiencing the warmest april month ever, as well as the driest month of all time (no rain whatsoever, which is pretty extra-ordinary for a country like Belgium) and probably what will be the longest dry period ever now extending towards 40 days of drought (at least since they started measuring this stuff).

This probably explains the extra low post count for this month. I spent more time outdoor than during any other spring period I remember and off course this reduces posting time.

update: I don’t know what triggers this (maybe the title) but this post turned into a real Russian spam trap. Akismet keeps on missing our Russian friends invites to all kinds of shady stuff


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central flower station

orchidee close-up

As I got back from work this evening and passed by the Antwerp Central Station I got handed a small potted flower. Apparently to thank everybody for their patience and understanding while the station was being rebuilt.

If you want to see what i looks like from the inside, the eskimokakaman made a nice set on flickr.

(The flower we got was not an orchidee, but actually a Convallaria majalis)

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wowsey browsey

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Ok the title is really lame.
But the Shiira Project launched their new browser Shiira 2.0

The browser features a slick and rather practical interface and is based on the KHTML engine. All of the elements like bookmarks are presented in nice widgets on top of or next to your browser.

Tabbed browsing is also present, but the tabs are either accessible through the tab section at the bottom of your window (that can be rolled out and them shows a preview of all open tabs) or through an Expose alike method.

(via Cult of Mac)

(Oh, right, euh … Mac OSX only)

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MAKE your own photo

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Amazing… the way he really “makes” his own pictures. Edwin Zwakman literally makes them, including the very subject of the photograph.

(via MAKE)

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It was a long time ago since I heard anything of Neurosis, but it seems they’re back all around.

Someone made a video depicting the decay of a steel mill to the sound of Neurosis’ ” Bridges”
And here is some more tube-candy :

A Sun That Never Sets

The Tide

and the rest …

And don’t forget to check their sound section on their site.

(via och)

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unknown bud close-up
Been playing around with the macro on my camera.

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Owww, costly clean up !

Sorry Banksys.

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