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foo-fu iz da nu style

Et voila, foofu in the new style.

Thanks wordpress for the beautiful Misty theme.


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family visit

This afternoons family visit resulted in some nice pictures.

(But what did you expect with such a good looking godchild !)




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This is post hundred (100) since I started this blog, hence all the classics:

  • it just felt like yesterday since I started (duh, it’s only three months ago and one month since moving to WordPress)
  • I hope to keep on posting for a long time (I’ll check one year from now, or, for the sake of it, in two months if I still persist)
  • there is more to come (right, see one above)
  • it’s going to be better (yup, promise ’em all along boy, why not stick with posting itself for a start)

Things I noticed up ’till now:

  • due to one or another obscure reason, I keep on getting a lot of hits on the lost.fm post including a lot of search hits. I assume a lot of people are looking for last.fm and mistype/misunderstood or it must be that the in the new Lost series one of the islanders started their own radio station “lost.fm”
  • whether or not things are news, as soon as some stories start to appear in most of the first 10 google search results, I see visits to related posts raise seriously (for example the Alcatel-Lucent vs Microsoft MP3 patent stuff).
  • a lot of people seem to blindly click on stuff without checking the link behind. I notice this due to the amount of hits on images and logos that lead to … the image itself. You can consider me overprotective or old school, but I assumed you first check in your statusbar where the link leads you to.
  • visitors come from all over the place and to my suprise some of them even find it worth to write a comment (which I try to reply to as sensible as possible) and the Akismet spamfilter is keeping up nice.
  • it’s been mostly fun !

Well … off we go to post number 101 and counting …

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As I mentioned earlier Alcatel-Lucent had a bit of a squabble with Microsoft over MP3 patents. As it goes, Alcatel-Lucent is the parent company of the famous Bell Labs which in its turn started a lot of the MP3 ideas upon which later on the German Frauenhofer Institute and French Thomson SA joined to build the current MPEG1 Layer3.

Yesterday the US San Diego court decided in favour of Alcatel-Lucent and each count amounted up to payable damages of approximately $750 million (times 2 as it covers 2 counts of patent infringement so that’s a whopping $1,5 billion dollars which is an all time record).

The question now remains whether or not Alcatel-Lucent will try to go after the next batch of “infringers” (Apple Corp., Creative, Sony, … just to name a few). Considering the weak first combined quarter as a new company, there is considerable pressure to go forth with litigation.

On the other hand, Microsoft is not willing to bend and probably will seek aid in federal court to fight the decission. As long as that verdict is unspoken, Microsoft is not likely to hand over their money. But once there is a decission in favour of Alcatel-Lucent they would be stupid not to go after the other possible infringers (not only for non-discrimination sake, but also as an obligation towards the shareholders).

Unless off course software turns out not to be patentable, although this dispute mainly covers a technique, more than a software implementation thereoff.

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router troubles

Recently my router shows severe hiccups. Connections drops (especially on the WAN side) quasi constantly.

Although the wireless connection in itself was never extremely good, it still keeps up and only occasionally drops.

Now I’m in for an dilemma :

  • do I call my cable operator trying to get them analyse the modem and/or replace it?
    • pro: there are some known issues with the Motorola modens they use, it’s their modem, when connected without router in the past I also sometimes experienced issues
    • con : I rarely do need to reset the modem, most of the time a router reboot will do, plus you’re not supposed to have your own router (I know, this sounds like the ninetees) so they’ll probably charge for their analysis.
  • or do I buy a new router?
    • pro: I can immediately go for an 802.11n router which should give improved speed.
    • con: new router is cost plus the networkcards of my computers don’t cope yet with 802.11n and there is still no guarantee this will solve my connections problems.

aarrghh dilemma’s, I’m not good at them …

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Those who doubted about my online presence : I’m still there, only a bit less effort going into my blog these past days. Tomorrow postings should get better.

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This one by now probably has been posted on any blog you can find out there, but it is absolutely hilarious. Furthermore it gives me the creeps how recognisable this is when applied to todays computer user (which off course is the crux of the whole clip to begin with).

(for the language conscious among us, it’s Norwegian spoken and Danish subtitled)

here “bladrer

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