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married to the sea

Priceless !
Take an old print, preferable eighteenth on nineteenth century tech related, and add a new tagline to it.
Married To The Sea.

(via Sh3Ll4C’s blog)


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hüsker dü

While the storm rages and the wind howls outside, I started digging into my record collection to stumble upon one of the pearls of 80’s hardcore : Hüsker Dü.

It was Candy Apple Grey (their 1986 album) that first introduced me to their music with songs like “Don’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely“.

This lead me to their 1987 ” Warehouse: Songs and Stories” with “Could You Be The One?” and 1984 “Zen Arcade“, probably their best album, which kicks off with a blazin’ ” Something I Learned Today“.

Not only did they feature good rocking songs (mainly Bob Mould’s songs) but also heartbreaking emo (courtesy of Grant Hart) like “Never Talking To You Again”.

But their most famous song is probably “Diane” from their 1983 “Metal Circus” EP, with rather sinister lyrics about a murder victim. This songs is probably best known to most of you in the 1995 version by Therapy? on their “Infernal Love” album.

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more photo

This afternoon I took as small hike to the supermarket and took some photo’s on the way there.
I managed to salvage more or less four of them from the wreckage to post on flickr.

I also found out a way to change the adres for my flick account to a permanent one so now it’s www.flickr.com/photos/foo-fu/.

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frist post^H^H^H^Hphoto

Inevitably I now created a flickr account to post my photos.

The camera in itself is quite intuitive and insofar as I could check at this time of day (night photography is not my best) the picture quality is good.

Anywho : here’s my flickr account and my 2 first photo’s.

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toys for boys

Finally I got myself so far as to purchase a digital photo camera.
A bit to my surprise my requirements for the machine pushed the boundaries of the compact cameras :

  • a decent lens
  • a decent optical zoom (a bit more then x3 or x4)
  • flash override
  • Lithium-Ion batteries in stead of the dreaded AA batteries
  • USB connection and no proprietary memory sticks (like Sony)

I turned out the Samsung NV7 OPS was as good my type of camera as I could find.
On top of that it has a certain slick yet serious look.

The only drawback was the lens sticking out a bit, but the etui that comes with the camera covers this up nicely.

Now it sits here loading in it’s dock. As soon as we have power you will suffer the first of my photo’s.

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tux mania

Get your children to work (or your inner child) and head over to this site.
After first admiring the wonderful history of Tux, you can find a DIY cut out version here.

Download, print, cut out and start getting messy with the glue.

for the more advanced crafts(wo)men among us, there is also the Free Penguin Project, complete with downloadable Tux sewing patterns.

update : forgot to check the links, it seems http://www.premiumink.com/penguin/ no longer exists so you’ ll have to do with the more advanced sewing version.

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no good deed

Following the outrage these last days when some bloggers announced microsoft gave them a shiny new laptop (apparently the new Acer Ferrari is the only machine apt to run vista at a decent speed) pre-packed with vista, it seems it’s now time for a big 180.

After Laughing Squid announced they would auction of the laptop and send the money over to the Electronic Frontier Foundation,
Marshall Kirkpatrick, one of those lucky being on the receiving end of one of these “demo-models”, mentioned he got a follow-up message from microsoft telling him – contrary to the original letter joining the laptop gift – to either give it away or send it back.

After all … “I strongly recommend you disclose that we sent you this machine for review, and I hope you give your honest opinions.”

(via slashdot)

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